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A divine holiday by the Mediterranean would be not complete without the visit to Tel Aviv Jaffa. This it self is a multifarious City that bears many exciting aspects for the traveler. Doesn’t matter where in the World you might be living Tel Aviv will delight and fascinate you with its built in blend of charm. If you are a travel addict and enjoy moving around the world, then here is one more and amazing place to be in your travel list. Tel Aviv, a very small City in the Mediterranean Coastline of Israel, as well called the Financial Capital City of the Country is a foreign tourist destination for its attractive night life, beautiful beaches, high buildings and Cafe Culture.


Although not great enough, it is the second largest City in Israel and has approximately 51 square km. of land area. Tel Aviv is alive round the clock with all its best features. Tel Aviv Jaffa night life can be searched through its rooftop bars, dance bars, wonderful wine bars and other Hotels that are centered on bringing you the charm and magic of the alive nights. Aside from the night club scene there are as well impressive ways to enjoy this multi-dimensional city.



The city is as well called The White City, just because of its International Style Buildings and the popular Bauhaus. The City has got International acclamation for its night life and beaches and for that reason it is one of the most favorable choices of the International tourists. If one wants to Travel to Tel Aviv, it is not much of an effort, as nearly every Country has its flights to there.


The City has one of the biggest Airports in the World and the best in the Middle East. Once you have gone to there and you will be missed in the Sky Soaring Buildings of the City. They are all around the City and glow in the nights. There are many Hotels for your stay comfortably, few of them are re purposed from the Old Bauhaus Buildings and have the history linked up with them. A visit to the City is unfinished if you have not enjoyed the Beaches of the City.


The Tel Aviv Beaches are really a long big Beach in the western side of the City which is being parted into many Beaches. They are identified after the most popular Hotels or streets. Being an International Tourist Destination, the City is plentiful in its kind of food and provides all the tastes of food such as Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, French, Japanese, Italian, sea food and others. Almost all the Tel Aviv eating houses have these kinds of foods and many more items. So you can well get the food of your taste there.


Best of Tel Aviv is my new website dedicated to show you the hottest and greatest locations in the best city in the Middle East – TLV – The city that never sleeps! For more information please visit: http://bestoftelaviv.com/


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